Using social media to share more than just status updates

19 Apr

One of the major characteristics of social media is the ability to share.

Not only are random, personal facts shared across the web, but so are articles, photos and networking information. As writers of online content, it’s important to be part of the sharing process and use social media to get work spread around.

WordPress makes it easy to choose social media sites to share blog posts with. Everytime I publish a new post, a link to my WordPress blog is posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The post includes a little picture and everything.

My blog has its own Facebook page. The page has the same name as my blog, Emily@UF, and includes a link to my blog as well as information about it.

I recently posted the Emily@UF facebook link to my personal Facebook account, and it’s added traffic and a few fans to the page. But even without a large audience, the Emily@UF Facebook page allows me to post extra information about my blog and communicate more with my audience.

Using LinkedIn has been most interesting. My blog entries are posted on my LinkedIn account the same way they are to the Emily@UF Facebook page, but the audience is a little different.  I was psyched to get a comment from someone who I wouldn’t have expected to read the blog and probably only read it because it was linked to LinkedIn.

The only improvement I would have made with promoting my blog would have been using Twitter more. But Twitter is very instantaneous and conversational, so because I have no Internet on my phone, I don’t know that it ever would have been something I would have kept up with even if I had put more effort into it.

Overall, I’ve seen more traffic to my blog, so either the links included in the blog are bringing readers to it or the posts on social media pages are drawing readers, although none of them comment on my posts.


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